• Mobile Application Development Trends for 2013

    Posted on 15th February 2013, 1:17 PM by admin

    Consumer market has become more demanding today with the release and development of new mobile devices. Due to highly volatile marketplace and increasing customer needs, mobile application development companies are under tremendous pressure today in order to present a wonderful mobile experience through great and unique tablet and SmartPhone applications. In the year 2013, people are expecting trendy and excellent mobile apps with new functionality.


    On the other hand, it is very difficult to choose the most helpful SmartPhone application development method. In 2013, there are many innovative trends available in the market for developing mobile apps. Some of the most popular trends are mentioned below:


    Trend 1: Cloud Computing


    People are well aware with cloud computing and have experience by using it. Usually, cloud system is developed with high-speed and their apps are becoming more resourceful, especially in business world.


    Trend 2: HTML5


    “HTML5” is the most popular web development language. It is considered the future-oriented and widely used language in the mobile market. Due to great functional level, HTML5 can be productively used both for mobile application development and PC developments.


    Trend 3: 3D Systems and Projection


    It is expecting in 2013 that expert developers have a tremendous plan of 3D systems and projection. They are working to make it real. Apart from using touch keyboards and ordinary physical devices, people now want to watch a movie on the wall with projection and 3D systems.


    Trend 4:  Hybrid and Multiplatform Apps


    The hybrid and multiplatform applications can be installed and run easily on any device. As well as, applications will be compatible with all major operating systems.


    Apart from all aforesaid mobile application development trends, there are many other trends available in the market such as speed of data transmission, becoming green, water-proof systems, apps and software, and many more.

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