• Cloud Computing: Key Predictions for Technology Upgradation in 2013

    Posted on 6th June 2013, 12:42 PM by admin

    Every year, analysts make some predictions for technology development, innovations & implementation according to the current market scenario. In this manner, they also predict about some major development of cloud computing technology in today’s corporate world. Indeed, several vendors, customers & industrial sectors always want to grab something new & exclusive for leading successfully in the marketplace.


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    Let’s take a look at some major predictions for 2013 and identify some convenient predictions that are likely to take place, if they haven’t done before.


    1.  Mobility in Cloud Projects:


    At present, we can find that several cloud projects are driven by the need to mobile access to back-end apps. In fact, mobile applications development are connected to cloud-based back-end services that can respond to client’s engagements and shield data center from this traffic with more elasticity & efficiency. In such scenario, business organizations are expecting more mobility in cloud projects in this year. Today, almost each “SaaS” (software-as-a-service) application has a mobile client now, which is the validation of the software model.


    2.  Development of Community & Industry-Specific Clouds:


    In 2013, companies are looking for the new development community & industry-specific clouds to serve specific vertical markets for instance manufacturing, healthcare, retail sector and finance. According to the market analysts, the purpose-built clouds will provide for the demands of the specific processes, security and compliance requirements for each vertical marketplace.


    3.  New Hosted Private Clouds:


    According to the analyst, the more hosted private clouds will be managed by someone else, off-premises. As well as, it will be more flexible and cost-effective. It is also assuming that only non-shared and secure private clouds will pass all specific requirements for critical applications. Now, business organizations are expecting more exclusive & innovative from a software development company to execute their cloud-based project plans effectively.


    4.  Additional Cloud Services Brokerage:


    It is also assuming that IT organizations will gradually be adopting internal cloud services brokerage roles for their external business partners & internal users.


    5. New Personal Clouds:


    In this year, the personal cloud will increasingly replace the PCs as the locations, where people access their services, keep their personal content and preferences as well as center their digital lives. Moreover, it will involve the exclusive web destinations, collection of services and connectivity that will become the home of communication activities & computing.


    Market analysts optimistically predict all above-mentioned development of cloud computing technology in 2013 will shift the focus of vendors and their clients towards new business expansion & development.


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