• Latest Android Apps Development Tools for 2014

    Posted on 1st June 2013, 11:44 AM by admin


    SmartPhone users are increasing every day with the often development of new tools and techniques. As well as, the development of android application development is rapidly growing all over the world. A “Linux” based and open source operating system is used on SmartPhones and mobile devices. Since the launch of the Android OS, it has seen a positive sales growth and now has become one of the biggest as well as popular operating systems. With the beginning of New Year, people always expect to grab something innovative and unique. In such scenario, Android can be used to develop most creative mobile apps due to its user-friendliness and open-source nature.


    android application development


    The incredible functionality and open source standards encourage application developers to create & program wonderful mobile apps. Developers use the Java programming on the popular Android SDK (Software Development Kit) to develop creative applications. A variety of SDKs are available to reveal developer’s expertise and creativity in SmartPhone application development. There are several other popular Android apps development tools available on the web as well like Native Development Kit. All other tool kits exclusively support programming languages like C or extensions of C and Ruby.


    Android applications can be easily accessed by mobile users from Google Play as well as can be downloaded either for free or by paying some money. The “Google AppInventor” is used for creating Android applications. It allows people familiar with computer programming to create software apps for the Android OS and to drag-and-drop visual objects that can run on several mobile devices. One of the biggest advantages of AppInventor is that it has all required components to design apps and deals with actual function on combining blocks to execute apps. Apart from this tool, you can also use the following feature-rich Android apps development tools:


    1. Titanium Software Development Kit:


    The multi-platform application development group is used for developing native apps for Android, Windows Phone, iOS and Blackberry. Titanium SDK mainly uses the syntax of JavaScript for programming as well as includes about 5000 APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) in order to give high percentage of code-reusability.


    1. Basic4Android Tool:


    Basic4Android provides inbuilt libraries for developing in-house and enterprise apps. It can be used to code cloud-based android apps and to develop 2D real-time games. This tool allows developers to develop and test apps involved in database communication.


    1. Gimbel Context Awareness:


    It’s another multi-platform development tool provides a full-fledged platform for developing Geo fencing or geography based apps for both Android and iOS devices. It includes in-built libraries, which enable developers or programmers to develop Geo fencing and location-based solutions.


    1. Vuforia Tool:


    Vuforia is another powerful development tool developed by “Qualcomm” to assist programmers or developers for programming augmented reality experience in Android apps easily. It is the best tool & solution to code augmented reality based apps by targeting real world or 3D images. The functionality of real world elements enables developers to use it directly into the apps without any need to code it separately. Developers don’t need to code the similar functionality once more.


    All aforementioned Android apps development tools will give a competitive-edge to your application development process with innovative features and functionality.

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